The Cookies of Xmas for 2021

Every year Elicia would prepare for and launch into a epic baking marathon into the week before Christmas, which started a month or so of collection newspaper clipping, reading and buy Christmas cookie books and magazines (which is why I have at least of dozen of them!) and buying ingredients (i still remember the year there was a butter shortage a month before Christmas), and didn’t finish until (usually) christmas eve last minute decorating and bundling and distribution.

Me? I was doing last minutes shopping, being some help in the mixing, cleaning what remained in the bowl (yum), trying to get more frosting on the cookies them me (not completely successfully their) and delivering the results.

Over on flickr these are 66 images of cookies from 2007 till 2017 : Xmas Cookies and Baking

However, last year Elicia was already too weak to spend the hours of standing that was required, so no cookies. double 🙁

Talking to a friend about Christmas traditions, I mentioned the cookies and thought about how happy they make Elicia and me to share them. So I pulled out the recipes, found the equipment and started trying to figure out what I could do. Also a lot of hyperventilating, procrastination and tears.

Sadly, I think this is the worst icing job I’ve ever done but i was running out of steam by them. Happily they were very we received and I hope I can do more and better in the years to come.

So below I present the gingerbread folk and hazelnut cookies in tribute to my dear Elicia.

googly eyes gingerbread stormtrooper

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