Unboxing a System76 Lemur Pro Ubuntu

Here is a small Unboxing a System76 Lemur Pro Ubuntu album. A nicely thought out unboxing experience.

I didn’t get a max’d out laptop but the specs are pretty sweet. The machine feels light (~1kg) and fast (okay maybe not having >100 open chrome tabs helps!).

Still need to connect it to all the things and (re)learn ubuntu desktop for dummy developers 🙂

Update: mostly connected now to the most urgent things.
Update on added applications, an ongoing list as i discover pain points or bits of needed workflow.

  • VLC : media player
  • Calibre : for viewing epub and mobi documents
  • Tilix : a terminal emulator which allow horizontal and vertical spiting; replaces iterm2 on macOS. Note: need to explore Tmux
  • Indicator-Keylock : because having your caps lock on with out knowing it when you are TRYING TO ADD a long ass password is the road to insanity, or so I’ve heard.
  • Albert : as a replacement for Alfred. Alfred extends spotlight search with additional features and (purchasable) power packs. Note: the spotlight feature can be obtained via SuperKey and typing the application name. (Thanks Jeff!)

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