Toronto’s Junction in New York Times

My jaw literally did drop when I realized that my home neighbourhood, west end Toronto’s , was the topic of a article in the NYT’s travel section in , not just as part of a 36 Hours in Toronto but on its own! (we are not yet an Ossington Avenue but watch out!)

They covered several interesting places : used-book store and record shop Pandemonium; and Rawlicious the raw, vegan cafe. and the covered our Junction Arts Festival event in September (here are some photo’s from 2008. They also mentioned Delight Chocolates who not only make delicious Fair Trade Organic Chocolate, but also other delectable treats, including handmade, organic fair trade Ice Cream (I’ve raved about their seasonal Maple Walnut (in march) and Strawberry Ice Cream (in july), which several liters later exceed expectations). Cool Hand of a Girl and Margret are both new to me, but I’ll be checking them out.

However they missed several of my favourite places :

  • SMASH, the art and architectural shop.
  • Creama Coffee, at Dundas West and Quebec Aveune – across from Rawlicious and one of the few (3?) clover coffee machine coffee shops in Toronto (read the blogTo review and the very unofficial blog : ummonshadow by CC barista Matthew Hall )
  • Bronto Burger’s for Flintstones inspired cooked cow yumminess at Dundas West and Pacific.
  • Curry Twist (Maghlai style Indian, a couple of stores down from Delight Chocolates).
  • Young Thailand (Toronto’s original Thai, now at Dundas West and east of Medland street).
  • Hairy Tarantula (graphic novels comic books, gaming and related stuff, west of Medland on Dundas West).

plus many more!

update : I had an email from the writer, who explained that SMASH and CREAMA where in the orginal article, but where edited out.

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