The Real Lessons From Twitter and it’s an Evolving Architecture

If you were thrown into a fight, would you start punching or would you open up your iphone and start browsing web pages about Karate? :

  • 1. If people use it, it’s valuable
  • 2. Product, Team, Market? Team.
  • 3. Rails was never the problem (see link below : twitter started as a cms…)

and InfoQ has Twitter, an Evolving Architecture, a recent (for 2009 values of recent) and detailed write-up of Twitter’s current architecture, explaining the four layers of cache (all memcached) used by the Twitter API, based on a talk given by Evan Weaver, Lead Engineer in the Services Team at Twitter, who’s primarily job is optimization and scalability, where he talked about Twitter’s architecture and especially the optimizations performed over the last year to improve the web. The slides from his talk are also online qcon presentation, good stuff.

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