A Successful Failure – Fail Whale

fail whale Yiying Lu Lifting Up a Dreamer
Lifting Up a Dreamer or Fail Whale

via the New York Times’s the story of the Fail Whale that we love and hate, and the an artist and designer behind it.

See the in it’s native enviroment.

Via Flickr, you can see some of the variations on the Fail Whale theme.

ReadWriteWeb also previously posted on the had

Update : on Wired : Twitter Paid $6 or Less for Crowdsourced ‘Birdie’ Graphic, the cautionary tale of Simon Oxley, the Japan-based Brit who licensed the bird graphic to Twitter for the price of a sandwich, through iStockphoto.

Unlike Twitter’s “fail whale” graphic, which the company purchased outright after it appeared on iStockphoto, Oxley’s bird design remains on the site where it can be licensed under the same terms Twitter received. Nothing is stopping people from making sites that ape, mock or build upon Twitter using its own official graphic.

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