Upgraded, themed, evolved and a fix to the FTP issue

I’ve now upgraded False Positives to the latest WordPress release WordPress 2.7.1, plus a long over due theme change to Thematic, A WordPress Theme Framework (created by Winnipeg’r Ian Stewart.

I you are reading this via the RSS feed, come visit for the shinny.

In the process I corrected a configuration issue which was stopping me from doing a upgrade in place for WordPress, and installs or update for plugins. by “in place” I mean without the “download to your local computer, unzip, and ftp to your blog host” cycle.

I was unable to use the ftp function builtin to WordPress, even though the values requested (“Hostname”; “Username”; “Password”) all looked good (and worked on my ftp client). WTF?? Reading this WordPress support form posting, I saw I was not alone, and (finally) a solution that worked for me!! Changing the “Hostname” from “ftp://blogname.com” to “localhost:21” and it worked!! (port 21 is the ftp port)

Now I can continue to hack and evolve the blog (just in time for Darwin’s 200 Anniversary!).

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