Code is Culture Recent Links for July 13th: DRM Law & What’s next in RSS

  • – (via the excellent Canadian StartupNorth blog) To help cut down on the noise coming in through your aggregator, the AideRSS guys have come up with what they are calling PostRank a combination of how many links, mentions and conversations there are about a particular post.

I did I bit of hacking last year on my feed list trying to figure out a way to see significance in the list (3 feed items pointed at X and/or 4 feed items used this word or tag ). Display it as a weighted tag cloud, and then I wounder if you could then use a Bayesian type filter to show a subset of words/tags I’m most interested in . Never did anything with it, but this kind of a personal technorati trend watch would be very useful for anyone more than a handful of feeds.

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