Culture Links for the Week of July 13th 07

  • Richard M. Stallman: Copyright vs. Community in the Age of Computer Networks – Mr. Free Software himself, Richard M. Stallman, gave a presentation at the Mississauga Campus of the University of Toronto. AG has notes from the speak.
  • William Gibson explains why science fiction is about the present – the pure expression of the science fiction writer’s art: to write about the present day through the veil of technology and speculation
  • No Pandas gallery, from July 20 to 29 – an art show at Xpace, dedicated to exposing Toronto to China’s up-and-coming young artists. at Xpace (58 Ossington Avenue in Toronto) Admission is free. Opening night celebrations run from 8 p.m. to midnight on July 20. On UpComing and MySpace.
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    No Pandas Gallery

  • Eight historical mistakes the newspaper industry made – a great insightful piece on newspaper failures with suggested action points.
  • Kijiji and the Curse of Craigslist
  • Swarm intelligence and real-world problem-solving
  • What happens if all human experience is recorded on nano devices? – On the BBC web site, Charles Stross posits a future in which all human experience is record on devices the size of a grain of sand.
  • web comic : Plan vs. Reality – enough said
  • Michael Geist – Putting Canadian “Piracy” in Perspective – Over the past year, Canadians have faced a barrage of claims painting Canada as a “piracy haven.” This video moves beyond the headlines to demonstrate how the claims do not tell the whole story.
  • INFEST WISELY (the lo fi Sci Fi I saw in May ) is going to have its world premiere in Las Vegas (Aug 3rd) at Defcon 15 the underground hacker convention (how underground can a convention in Vegas be?), or you watch the on line episodes or get the 700MB high-resolution .AVI file with XVID compression suitable for full screen viewing version.
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