The Music of Falcon Beach

In Canada, Falcon Beach is about to show the last 2 episodes of the second season (whereas the first season is wrapping up, and the second season starts in April in the USA on ).

Watching the second Season, you notice it has showcased a lot of established and upcoming Canadian Indie music (and even had one band featuring in Episode 206 – “The Music Video” : Winnipeg’s Paper Moon). From the Opening Theme song (Holly McNarland’s Beautiful Blue) on it is full of music (including some people even I’ve heard about: , ) and more new stuff. At least some of the music is discovered in a “Calling All Indie Bands” Music Search. Sounds like a win/win for the bands and and the show, since the demographics are bound to be similar.

The Falcon Beach web site ( has a neat feature. (url’s hidden behind the flash) Under the “Music” header, for each seasons episode it has the music for that episode : what was the song and who is the musician, and some back ground if you click on the “more link” – plus for season one they had a brief intro when the music played (Episode 112 : Tanya spills drinks in the Sunset Bar. The song is “The Young and The Guest List” by San Francisco band The Paradise Boys); in season two they are not doing this but they are linking to the bands wet site. It’s a nice feature to discover music (Nice tune, I wonder who did that…). Question : How many Band Sites are linking back the Falcon Beach, and is the information on the FB site indexed by Google?

It a related move: on Saturday, March 24th, 2007 2-4pm at Sam the Record Man (Toronto) there are band performances by The Bicycles, The Golden Dogs, and The Miniatures, and autograph sessions with Falcon Beach cast members : Steve Byers (Jason), Jennifer Kydd (Page), Jeananne Goossen (Courtney), Morgan Kelly (Lane), and Peter Mooney(Dr. Adrian). (Press Release)

I wonder if I could start a cat fight if I asked for “Page’s” autograph?

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