Lotus Notes 8 Public Beta (Hanover) is out and about

This is the first public beta, here on the IBM Notes 8 page, is usable and very stable if a tiny bit slow and hungry. A few items caught my interest :

  • available in 2 versions a “classic C++ version and a Eclipse version (java). The Eclipse version is where the long term interest is, in part because it is multi platform: Linx, OS x and Windows. And I understand that some fureture things will be easier to implement in java.
  • The New UI of course! (see some Notes 8 Eye Candy ) A more polished and update look, which also allows for building better looking applications.
  • Replicate on shutdown is possible with no prompt.
  • New default locations – online, offline and home.
  • Composite applications (using service-oriented architecture (SOA) components) see Building Composite Applications for IBM Notes 8.
  • we can now create Right mouse click menus for our Actions
  • Web Service Consumer in Notes 8 (Notes 6 & 7 can produce a Web Service).
  • Bytes column type in views (also for Mb, GB and Tb)
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) as an output format to let you more quickly create AJAX Web applications
  • “On server start” agents

and much more. For more details download the Guide (ftp PDF)

also Nathan T Freeman has some comments and screenshots about designer features on his Escape Velocity blog. IBM’er Jeff Eisen has his blog with lots of tips.

The semi-unofficial blog tag for the Notes 8 beta is .

CompterWorld has this brief notice of the beta release Collaboration preview: Lotus Notes 8, Domino 8 betas available for testing and now : Notes fans hope upgrade ends e-mail client’s ugly-duckling status, , and even PC world has something: “This is not your father’s Notes”.

Updated Aug 17 2007:  Now Shipping!!

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