! : has joined the Yahoo! family

Yahoo! has just acquired , the social bookmarking service, as announced on the Yahoo and the blog’s

What’s the big deal about ? Well you can read What’s so cool about, and or what I wrote a year ago here Folksonomies In and Flickr on Slashdot and on slashdot : Folksonomies In and Flickr,

But the shortest answer is that, and (also a part of Yahoo!, since last winter), populized the folksonomies (tagging) and the Social and Share web space. This looks like a good thing for and Yahoo! More stuff tagged on under the tag: , what else, and

Also the Globe & Mail has a large article on the Un-Google and Yahoo’s search for Net supremacy, and how the Web portal is on a mission to beat Google for surfers’ loyalties and advertising dollars in a battle that could dramatically alter their cyberscape. lots of background and figures to thinks about.

Also John Battelle has scouted out details of the deal , and has a interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt in this months Business 2.0.

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