Found Words : Splogs

Splogs : short for blog spam, “automated” blogs that point to other blogs with the goal of driving up search engine results, or as they call it, “search engine optimization” (SEO). Also Blogs which do not add value, and exist for no other reason than making cash from click thur web adversiting like Adsense. They reduce the value of hyperlinks and search results, but the costs of adverisiting on the web.

Found via :Rex Hammock: The anti-splog manifesto, Doc Seals : How to Save the Web from Splogonoma , and Mark Cuban: A splog here, a splog there, pretty soon it ads up… and we all lose. update: and Phil Windley: Splogs and Paid Content

Already in wikipedia (darn, I must be slowing down). Goes hand in hand with referral spam (sperral?), tag spam (spag?), comment spam (I got nothing), and trackback spam (spack?), and spam spam

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