The Google Space takes shape

Back in April 2004 I wrote about Other uses for the Google Operating System, or the Google Space when (Googles mail service) was first in limit release, and now this week we have seen a) a major update to the and b) the launch of .

Googles Desktop is important because it includes sidebar a place where a panel on your desktop provides convenient, one-glance access to all sorts of personalized information including: Email (Outlook) integration and offline Gmail searching, API support, better encryption, QuickFind, and the abliity to add / build more plug-in’s.

is a IM () and Chat (Voice Over Internet Protocol) client. It uses the standard / protocol for authentication, presence, and messaging, and all you need is a Jabber-compatible IM client (like iChat) and a gmail account. Here’s 2 review’s : 1 and 2.

The supplied Google Talk client also works with your gmail email account, and the Google Desktop sidebar includes a Google Talk plug-in. The circle is complete.

Where is this all going? Does the Gdesktop (GTop?) become, more and more, your integration place. Is this the rise of the WebOS as Jason Kottke talks about. And Yahoo’s buy of Konfabultor leads to the same place.

Looks like we are moving from a OS-centered to a network-centered world. Can this be good for MicroSoft?

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