Technorati and Tags added with GreaseMonkey for users

Fabricio Zuardi ( wrote a GreaseMonkey script to make it easier to add Technorati Tags to your blog post when/if you are editing with in (but not within the pop up “BlogThis!”). Bryan Price ( modified it to make it conducive to being XHTML compliant.

I’ve took that script and made some trivial changes to create a GreaseMonkey script (my First!) to add generic tag links :

It can also be customized to link to your own tag links, by editing the “deliciousTagRoot” variable.

Note: The script does work with the pop-up “Blog this” bookmarklet. See July 5th update below for a way to do this.

Other Modifcations come to mind: creating both tags sets from one set of inputs.

update May 23rd: now noted on Absolutely – Complete Tool Collection. Welcome!

update May 29th: driko looks to to add puedo-categories to his blog with a little help from may GreaseMonkey (GM?) script. and Mamata (from Brasil!) has it on his(?) list of GM scripts.

Update: June 19th: A Consuming Experience comments on and links here.

July 5th Update: Esben figured out how to get a similar greasemonkey script working for the popup “Blog This” bookmarklet from Blogger see Excellcent! He used the Id Element “postArea” to insert the fields. Well Done!

(Now if we could use the “postoptions” element or the “postArea” and we might have one less GM scipt running)

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  1. I’m doing the same thing, but lo-tech with a bookmarklet (see freshblog how-to). I’ll have to get into GreaseMonkey, by the look of it….

    I also ran across today, that will generate a graphical map of a user’s tags representing their relative quantity & importance. Check it out.

  2. Hi,
    I need little help here…can anyone tell me how to get – This; As on Technorati – link in my blog..

    Thanx in advance….

    SaCreD MaTriX

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