Automating Geobloggers with Google Maps longitude and latitude

Via Andrew Baio’s Waxy Links we have a newer, faster way to annotate the web using the previously mentioned Flickr + Google Maps Remix known as .

Excellatronic Communications has been hacking up a storm, starting with a GreaseMonkey script which fills my LazyWeb request (very dangerous) with both Greasemonkey script and bookmarklet’s (so the IE people can play too!) which:

  1. redirects you to the geoblogging website for that Maps.Google location.
  2. displays the longitude and latitude coordinates on the Google map, which is useful for people who want find the coordinates of where they took their images so they can add the required tags to their flickr images.

That second script will be very useful of other things as well!

But he didn’t stop there! Then he went and wrote another Greasemonkey script to Automated most of the GeoTagging Flickr Images Process, making use of the above script, allowing you “add GeoTag” on the flickr page and using the the placename or postcode or zipcode get the longitude and latitude, then build the correct flickr tags.

Awesome hacking Dude!! Let the annotating and Tagging of the World Begin! (or at least Northern America, and Britain, since GMaps doesn’t cover as much geography as MapQuest or even MultiMaps. (yet?))

Also revdancatt continues to improve the site.

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