Beyond Burgers in Toronto, where to find good food.

On CBC’s Toronto morning program Metro Morning they have restaurant reviews that are a little different: good eats, cheap, and not your usual tucker : Beyond Burgers (and the archive). Beyond Burgers is Must Listen, Must Eat Radio.

Happily they also post the information summaries for current and past reviews at the above link(s), and include mp3 podcasts of the segments – one restaurant per segments. There are many places we have yet to visit, but I can add my highest personal recommendations for two places that journalist Catherine Jheon (CJ) has mentioned:

1) Black Camel – 4 Crescent Road (at Rosedale Subway stop across from Ramsden Park) Gmap; Open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; (416) 929-7518

It’s hard to spot, as its only sign is a small Black Camel on white. It specializes in home-style slow roasts like slow roasted black angus Bisket. Yummy. The have only a very few tables in side. (Perhaps they will put some seats outside now that the nicer weather is here?) The sandwiches go for $6 – very good value considering the high quality ingredients. (mp3 podcast) (and Joanne Kates likes it too!

2) Lahore Tikka House – 1365 Gerrard Street East on the south side, east of Greenwood. (416) 406-1668 GMap

Pakistani foods like paneer , chicken tikka, lamb kebabs and nan. Very tasty large serverings, and friendly. (mp3 podcast )

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