Baby, you are, like, so Kawaii

Boing Boing’s geek goddess Xeni Jardin comments on Baby, you are, like, so kawaii, Anime-inspired cosmetics for creating a “supercute” look. (Kawaii (kah-wah-ee) means Cute or Super Cute). Often used on its own when observing a situation or character having any distinct level of cuteness. (think “Hello Kitty”) A less common, secondary meaning is “cherished, beloved.” See Takashi Murakami and Superflat for more), and images a Sailor Moon makeover reality programming show hosted by four gender-ambiguous cosplay co-hosts!

If you want to go beyond the use of Anime style art for cosmetics (, the May 2005 Wired Magazine had a piece in their “Japanese schoolgirl watch” section on contact lenses to give you that gigantic monochromatic pupil look.

In one of those “It’s a small web” moments, Bunny in crouching cliche hidden stereotype wants to introduce Gwen Stefani to its own asian group. My money’s on Bunny.

update: let’s carry on the Anime theme :Photos: Tokyo Anime Fair 2005

Update May 30th: Now in Helen

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