The 24th Hong Kong Film Awards and Omini TV

Omini TV decided to move their schedule around and in inserted the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards from March 27th, 2005 (in Hong Kong). I guess they didn’t think they could get it? or that no one known’s what “schedule in advance” means? Silly Rabbits. Anyway….

Kung Fu Hustle (which had it’s World premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and comes out in Northern America later this month), and 2046 won big time, for good reasons, although the other nominations are very worth checking into.

Best Picture – Kung Fu Hustle,
Best Director – YEE Tung-Shing (One Nite in Mongkok),
Best Actor – LEUNG Chiu-Wai (2046),
Best Actress – ZHANG Ziyi (2046),
Best Supporting Actor – Yuen WAH (Kung Fu Hustle),
Best Supporting Actress – BAI Ling (Dumpling – Three Extreme),
Best Screenplay – YEE Tung-Shing (One Nite in Mongkok),
Best Cinematography – Christopher DOYLE, LAI Yiu-Fai, KWAN Pun-Leung (2046),
Best Art Direction – CHANG Suk-Ping, YAU Wai-Ming (2046),
Best Costume and Make-Up Design – CHANG Suk-Ping (2046),
Best Visual Effect – JUNG Ji-Hang, MA Wing-On, TAM Gwan-Hung, HUNG Yuk-Leung (Kung Fu Hustle),
Best Sound Design – Steven TICKNOR, Steve BURGESS, Rob MACKENZIE, Paul PIROLA (Kung Fu Hustle),
Best Editing – Angie LAM (Kung Fu Hustle),
Best Original Score (Music) – Peer RABEN, Shigeru UMEBAYASHI (2046),
Best Original Score (Song) – “Gem-Gem-Gem (?)”, composed by The Pancakes, lyric by Brian TSE and The Pancakes, sung by The Pancakes (McDull Prince de la Bun)
Best Action Choreography – YUEN Wo-Ping (Kung Fu Hustle),
Best New Performer – TIN Yun (Butterfly),
Best Directorial Debut – WONG Ching-Po (Jiang Hu),
Best Asian Film – Oldboy (South Korea),
Star of the Century – Bruce LEE,
Professional Spirit Award – Jackie CHAN (actor, director, action director, producer), YU Mo-Wan (Hong Kong film historian)

MonkeyPeaches has all the details and winners, plus many many photo’s

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