ReMixing Craigslist with Google Maps

Via Boing Boing a absolutely brilliant remixing of Craigslist’s for-rent ads data scraped and redisplayed with Google Maps covering houses/apartments for rent/sale within the U.S. only (unfortunately), at HousingMaps. The High quality Data re-presented with the High quality interface of Google Maps. Very very Sharp. (here’s a sample shot, do a view image to see a few more details)

It also leads to the question: What other data can be re-mixed with Google Maps? There is – of course – the other info, and locations, on craigslist. Any other data sources?

April 16th update: Via my My Technorati Cosmos Profile a stumbled apoun Chris Galfi‘s blog and his post on Hijacking Google Maps, which lead to Google Maps Standalone Mode. Also HOW-TO: Make your own annotated multimedia Google map on engadget. Yet more re-mixing.

April 18th Update: adrian holovaty has done a very interesting hack with to remix some Chicago Transit Authority map data onto Google Maps. Mix, Mash, Mingle….

May 17th: Now with Montreal, Toronto, and Providence on the Map and more sub-categories.

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