Vancouver couple’s Net photo service in Yahoo’s picture

following up on And FLickr Makes 3, The Globe and Mail posts some of the story behind the Story of Yahoo’s agreement to acquire and , and Caterina Fake‘s and Stewart Butterfield‘s adventure, like: Flickr started as part of a online game (unnamed in the article, but we know as Game Neverending -which ironically ended..); has been growing by as much as 50 per cent a month since last June and currently has around 5 million images; A little bit on their backgrounds : English Lit and Philosophy majors; and a hint on how crazy the last year has been. (if the G&M article is not available use Flickr.pdf)

It’s also worth revisiting the ETECH 2005 talk that Steward gave “Web Services as a Strategy for Startups: Opening Up and Letting Go” via Cory’s Notes, and Cal Henderson’s (Flickr’s Head Techie) talk on Web Services Mashup via Reemer’s excellect notes.


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