The Globe and Mail & RSS Feeds

(Via Scripting News) now has RSS (2.0) feeds for eight categories and 42 columnists for use in RSS readers and on personal websites ( as part of a non-commercial website). It’s a, long overdue, start.

I’ll be “testing” this to see how well it works. (Most days I buy the hardcopy G&M). In the (near) furture, I would like to see feeds by Province and Major Cities, under National (maybe Hockey, CFL – Canadian Football League -, Soccer, Tennis,.. under Sports?)

However, they are still hiding the columnists behind a subscription only wall, about which I have very mixed feelings, plus after around 7 days regular connect goes behind the same pay wall, which means if I link to it it’s unavailable so I must either: a) heavy quote and/or include the full article, b) find another link.

The New York Times now provide a way to generate a no registration link althought they still have the free registration required process for most users.

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