Configuring Asterisk to use VOIP

Via SlashDot with have The Geek Gazette – Configuring Asterisk@Home For BroadVoice, which does a Walk thur of configuring your system to use a VOIP provider for your telephone service. For this you will need your Asterisk@Home system up and running, a BroadVoice account, a SIP handset or SoftPhone configured to work with your Asterisk installation, and an internet connection. While the article will focus on configuring the system via the Asterisk Management Portal (AMP), the same configuration settings will work with a generic Asterisk installation..

It’s a follow up on : Build Your Own PBX from spare parts and Asterisk.

Both excellent pieces wrtiiten by Kerry Garrison.

It’s worth noting recent concerns over Telco companys blocking (or degrading) competting VOIP.
Robert X. Cringely: The Best days of Voice-over-IP Telephone Service May Already Have Passed;
Mark Evans: FCC Slams Down on VOIP Blocking;
Mark Evans: Trouble on the horizon for VOIP?;
Om Malik: Vonage is being blocked?

update:Mr. Hyde aka Samuel Tardieu’s geeky side has this detailed post on Asterisk – build your own PBX.

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