MAXO signals and other Futures

Via autopope, I now must scan the back pages of NATURE for the new series of back-page hard-SF stories, including Charlie Stross’s “MAXO signals”: a new and unfortunate solution to the Fermi Paradox”. It’s a short-short (only 803 words long).

They appear to be online under the “Futures” heading. We have:
Last man standing” by Xaviera Young,
A man of the theatre” by Norman Spinrad,
A modest proposal…” by Vonda N. Mcintyre,
The party’s over” by Penelope Kim Crowther,
Undead again” by Ken Macleod (in by bookmarks),
Under martian ice” by Stephen Baxter, and
Play it again” by Ian Steward.

Which appears to be the first “Futures” feature (in February 2005). I’ve linked to the text version, but there are also PDF reproductions of the 1 page stories with a illustration. Much reading pleasure ahead, if only in small bites.

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