i, robot by Cory Doctorow

A new short story by Cory Doctorow on The Infinite Matrix : i, robot. Enjoy:

Arturo Icaza de Arana-Goldberg, Police Detective Third Grade, United North American Trading Sphere, Third District, Fourth Prefecture, Second Division (Parkdale) had had many adventures in his distinguished career, running crooks to ground with an unbeatable combination of instinct and unstinting devotion to duty.

plus a very meaty interview I seem to have missed the first time around (March 2003) on Strange Horizons. Lots of interesting stuff : nerd determinism : “Our superior technology will trump your silly laws”…nerd fatalism : “Politics are so irredeemably corrupt, especially compared to the elegance of code and logic, that there’s no reason for us to get involved in it. There’s no reason for us to partake in politics.”

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