Canadian recording industry wants a "free market" of government subsidies and monopoly protection

Via Boing Boing, Michael Geist gives his view of The University of Toronto hosted “Sound Bytes, Sound Rights: Canada at the Crossroads of Copyright Law” (as previously mentioned , unfortunately I was unable to attend (went sking)). (The hand out is worth a read (pdf)).

But, Joe Clark (toronto web accessibility guy) did go and has blogged his notes on the Conference (Here’s a quote :Sarmite Bulte: Exceptions are not the basis of good public policy. “The only time an exception is warranted is if there’s been a market failure.” ), and over at the Disssion area of Digital Copyright Canada, Russell McOrmond has some notes.

Again, the industry says “free market” but lobbiess for more taxpayer money and “copyright” reform amied at reducing consumers rights. Lets see if the Canada Federal budget (due this week) with extension of the CND$95 million (over 3 years) Canada Music Fund (which is due to expire this year).

Michael Geist‘s talk “Copyright and the Internet: Is There a Canadian Way?” already online and hints that a webcast of the conferance may go online (soon).

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