New posting interface to ; painlessly reusing your tags

This is not currently documented, but as a reward to loyal readers (all 3 of you), it is now possible to easily reuse existing tags by using a syntax of “[your user name]”. It’s the “/new/” part that is “new”.

so if you used the popup marklet it would now look like: …(seems to only be working for the full page bookmark right now, this is what they call beta testing.).

Forget about the popup bookmark for now. Joshua has provided the Bookmarklets for the experimental post to (use this to create a bookmark. works in internet explorer, mozilla, and safari)in the offical about doc’s.

What’s new is that (currently) 3 sets of tags show up: recommended tags; your tags; popular tags, and that the tags in those lists can be clicked to be added to your new bookmark.

Nicely done Joshua.

You can also use “[your user name]/” to find if a url has been bookmarked and using what set of tags. More Meta info!! an interesting way to search and the net.

and, of course, use can get a RSS feed of a users Feed list (like mine) using

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