beancounter parodies: ClerkClerk

ClerkClerk answers the question : What if the screenplay of “Clerks” had been written by the editors of the e-zine BoingBoing? (via Boing Boing) I feel inspired to re-write FalsePositives as if I was a /. Overdosed, ADD’s readalcoholic, info-junky. But would anyone notice the difference? (which is really 2 questions.)


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  1. What we need is to setup a shared tag thesaurus that would bind words of similar meanings together. By allowing people to use single synonnyms that would be crossreferenced on sumbit, it would allow people to harness all shared folkonomies. What would also need to be implemented is a rating system that would, instead of using numeric scales(1-5), use a semantic differential(loud-soft). Would you like to help me? I live in Toronto as well.

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