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Friday, April 29, 2005

Beyond Burgers in Toronto, where to find good food.

On CBC's Toronto morning program Metro Morning they have restaurant reviews that are a little different: good eats, cheap, and not your usual tucker : Beyond Burgers (and the archive). Beyond Burgers is Must Listen, Must Eat Radio.

Happily they also post the information summaries for current and past reviews at the above link(s), and include mp3 podcasts of the segments - one restaurant per segments. There are many places we have yet to visit, but I can add my highest personal recommendations for two places that journalist Catherine Jheon (CJ) has mentioned:

1) Black Camel - 4 Crescent Road (at Rosedale Subway stop across from Ramsden Park) Gmap; Open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; (416) 929-7518

It’s hard to spot, as its only sign is a small Black Camel on white. It specializes in home-style slow roasts like slow roasted black angus Bisket. Yummy. The have only a very few tables in side. (Perhaps they will put some seats outside now that the nicer weather is here?) The sandwiches go for $6 - very good value considering the high quality ingredients. (mp3 podcast) (and Joanne Kates likes it too!

2) Lahore Tikka House - 1365 Gerrard Street East on the south side, east of Greenwood. (416) 406-1668 GMap

Pakistani foods like paneer , chicken tikka, lamb kebabs and nan. Very tasty large serverings, and friendly. (mp3 podcast )

Send your tummy and taste buds on a gastronomic world tour without leaving /

Baby, you are, like, so Kawaii

Boing Boing's geek goddess Xeni Jardin comments on Baby, you are, like, so kawaii, Anime-inspired cosmetics for creating a "supercute" look. (Kawaii (kah-wah-ee) means Cute or Super Cute). Often used on its own when observing a situation or character having any distinct level of cuteness. (think "Hello Kitty") A less common, secondary meaning is "cherished, beloved." See Takashi Murakami and Superflat for more), and images a Sailor Moon makeover reality programming show hosted by four gender-ambiguous cosplay co-hosts!

If you want to go beyond the use of Anime style art for cosmetics (Style.com, the May 2005 Wired Magazine had a piece in their "Japanese schoolgirl watch" section on contact lenses to give you that gigantic monochromatic pupil look.

In one of those "It's a small web" moments, Bunny in crouching cliche hidden stereotype wants to introduce Gwen Stefani to its own asian group. My money's on Bunny.

update: let's carry on the Anime theme :Photos: Tokyo Anime Fair 2005

Update May 30th: Now in Helen

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James Douglas Munson 1928 -2005

Our elderly neighbor, James Douglas Munson - known as Doug - passed away this morning. His wife, Nellie, called me at 6. As soon as I saw him, I called 911 and then gave CPR until they showed up a few minutes later, but it was too late.

Doug was always telling me stories about a Toronto he grow up in ( that does not exist anymore; a place of goose eggs, and chelsea buns ), stories of working at Canada Post (canada's postal service), the cottage up in the area of the mansfield ski resort, and Family. He was very welcoming to Elicia and me. He loved his flower garden and tomato plants - which caused me some anxiety because I didn't want to disappoint him. I am lucky to have had Doug as a Friend and a Neighbor. I will miss him, and he will be greatly missed by all that knew him. My condolences to the family.

Here is the notice from the Family (any mistakes are mine, to be posted in the toronto star:

James Douglas "Doug" Munson passed away unexpectedly at home on Friday April 29th 2005 at the age of 76.

Beloved husband of Nellie for 50 Years. Much loved father of Ann, Jim, Ellen; grandfather of Chris, Karen, Nicholas, Michelle, Cheyenne, Samuel, and great grandfather of Brody, Emma, Cole and Zander. Dear brother of Betty, June, Shirley, Ron and the late Dorothy, Ted, Bill and Marjorie.

Friends may call at the Turner & Porter York Chapel 2357 Bloor Street West (GMap ; at Windermere east of the Jane subway), on Tuesday May 3rd 2005 from 9:30 am, until a Service to celebrate Doug's life in the Chapel at 11:00 am.

In Doug's memory, donations may be made to the Parkinson Foundation of Canada.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

First We'll Map Manhattan!!

Then We'll Map Berlin (Toronto)...to paraphase Leonard Cohen Song

We Make Money not Art (I think I might have to change my name to "I make Nothing, and even less Money"...)has a story : A Street History in Semacode:

a digital graffiti project installed along the route of the former 3rd Avenue elevated train line throughout Lower Manhattan. This train line was part of a religious boundary called an eruv for the immigrant Polish Chasidic Jewish community in the first half of the 20th century.

SemaCodes being the same thing as

Then I remembered seeing this story : We'll Map Manhattan in the NYT's, about a suggestion to to make a literary map of Manhattan -- not of its authors' haunts but those of their characters.

Ok, what about combining the 2 approaches. Take your City - say London - with SemaCode or stickes which takes you to the entry about Sherlock Holmes did X (in Novel Y) here, and also in the "Real World" this historical event happened across the road. All allowing the Literary, and historical, to overlay on the day to day world.

This could also be combined with - or replace to some degree - the PDA Tour guide


Taste in a Fast Food World

Via we have writer Gina Mallet's book: Last Chance to Eat: The Fate of Taste in a Fast Food World, published in 2004 and garnering rave reviews in North America and Britain.

Where has all the good food gone, and what is the fate of food in the world? In the last fifty years 'food' has become associated with 'bad', with diets and the focus on weight and food nutritional value overcoming the prior focus on food affection. In Last Chance To Eat: The Fate Of Taste In A Fast Food World, Gina Mallet covers the history and problems of five popular foods: eggs, cheese, beef, vegetables and fish. Individual chapters narrow the focus to a cultural examination of the evolution of dishes around each of these ingredients--and changing perceptions about their health and value.

Perhaps it will answer 2 urgent questions : a) When and Why did English food get a rap for being crap? (It can be very very good) b) Is Jamie Oliver the bees knees?

Also, Toronto Foodie web site (no RSS Feed. Bad!!) has an good length interview with Gina Malle.


The Age of Engagement

'The Age of Engagement' is the theme of the online advertising conference , taking place now - April 25-27 - in San Francisco.

Morgan Stanley's Mary Meeker: (Yes that Mary Meeker!) have put up the presentation ( leads to 50 Page, ~6 Mb PDF file ) "More than ever, on-going interaction between brands and consumers is required if advertisers are to stay relevant and provide value."

AD:Tech have also put up a "blog" at , plus 's, found via .

More commentary from the "Blog-o-sphere" via technorati.com

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Monday, April 25, 2005

SarsBucks Coffee

Via PockyBot, home of the New "Doulbe Ebola Mocha" and "Extreme Aids Expresso", comming soon to a corner near you...

(this is not a demonstration of my poor photoshopping skills) And for the record, I like my like my Coffee : Black, Sweet, and Twisted.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Dilbert:My Accomplishment this month was opening a file was emailed me....

Via dilbert or local jpg

Yeah, I've had emails like that, usually from outlook.....the dreaded winmail.dat file


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Not Beyond QR codes

Via we make money not art and Engadet comes ColorCode - apparently a success in South Korea, and are about to be introduced in Japan - which seems like more of a tinyurl.com for cellphones, developed by ColorZip Media.

Although the colour may make it more visible, appealing, I think the fact it is only a tinyurl like link to one companies server, and requiring the connection to the server for any functional make it less value add, and more proprietary lock in.

More info on , plus I've blogged about QR (two-dimension quick response codes), starting a year ago, in TokyoArtBeat and QR codes; One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, BarCode Fish...; Camera Phones Link World to Web; and Camera-phone barcode reader

April 26th Update: Gizmodo has a cute piece on someone doing creating a QR Code using white and dark chocolate as explained in qrcodeblog, a blog in QR codes. Plus RFID in Japan describes an attempt to encode a QR Code message on Bento using Nori (toasted seaweed) and rice: "Nori for the age of information technology"??

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Getting Space Exploration Right

Getting Space Exploration Right by Robert Zubrin, is a detailed critical analysis of NASA, the politics of Space planning, and the current Space Plan - post shuttle - with suggestion on how to it better. It's a long-ish but rewarding read.

related stuff: the Russian are way ahead in building the next Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) with their successor to the Soyuz, called Kliper (or sometimes "Clipper"?) (see from 2005: The Russians Are Coming, and New Russian Spacecraft On Show In France In June) is a six-crew reusable space capsule, weighing 14.5 tonnes (twice a big as a Soyuz), and being developed by RKK Energiya.

additional info : http://www.russianspaceweb.com/kliper.html;

Also of note is that Roskosmos, the Russian space agency, signed a long-term agreement with the European Space Agency to allow Russia to establish Soyuz rocket-launch facilities at ESA's spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. This will allow them to lift bigger cargoes to more useful orbits.

The Russian and ESA are well ahead of building (or re-building) the infrastructure of dependable LOE access, and beyond.

May 4th update : some more details of Lockheed Martin proposed CEV shuttle replacement in (via futurismic.com) Popular Mechanics and Space.com, which looks to be at least doable, although worries remain valid.

here's the wikipedia entry on the Crew Exploration Vehicle

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Amazon directory of free MP3 downloads

Via Boing Boing sweet. Currently @ ~ 200 tracks. Link

There's a Moby, a Martha Wainwright .....

April 22 minor update: as pointed out in a update to the Boing Boing story, the above Amazon is only the "Top 200", while this links to section for Free Music Downloads. None of the "other" Amazon locations seem to other a similar service, yet....

related: It's reported that GAP will offer Joss Stone cover song of the classic, The Right Time, on April 28, on the GAP web site. It's slightly irony that I heard her singing around 2 years ago and was tempted to by her first Album, but was put off by it DRM on the CD.

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Managing CEOs for Programmers

Fractals of Change has Managing CEOs for Programmers, parts 1 and 2:

Every programmer knows there are two kinds of CEO – technical and non-technical. They have to be managed very differently. In either case, if the CEO isn’t managed properly, he or she can get in the way of doing really cool stuff and, without really cool stuff, work takes way too much time out of the day.
A worthy read. And now I find out how often Boss Chuck, and Big Boss Bob read the Blog. (Sounds like something out of "Doctor Seuss for Bloggers")

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hayao Miyazaki's World of Anime

Over at yesasia.com they have Hayao Miyazaki's World of Anime you complete guide to:

"Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds" (1984), "Laputa Castle in the Sky" (1986), "My Neighbour Totoro" (1988), "Princess Mononoke" (1997), "Spirited Away" (2001), and soon in Northern America : "Howl's Moving Castle"

(not inculding other Studio Ghibli works)

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Running your company on web apps

Evan Willians ( the guy who founded the company behind blogging software , before selling it to the Google empire) comments:

One interesting thing about starting a company today versus a few years ago: Lots of cool web apps are now available that you can more or less run you company on.
If it is not core, should you just outsource, or out-host? Tying up very limited startup capital/time/people on non core activities it bad. Is security - or in-security - a reason not to? Might using open source might be a better option?

So what web apps do you/we need? And what is not yet available or good enough?

Lets see what turns up on the links of Evan's posting....

Interesting Some notes on the building of CodeZoo talk about process and tools.


The Bruce Sterling Online Index

SFSignal discovered the link to in my Del.icio.us links and was kind enough to give my credit. (Many Thanks John).

SF Signal is a great source for news, reviews, content and links - like How To Write Accurately About Rockets - and that's why it in my BlogRoll (lower left).

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Guide to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

In case it's been a while since you read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", there is The Guide to the Guide (Flash),

including: the Pan Galactic Gargleblaster, Vogons; POV Gun; and 42

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Google does Mobile and Video Uploads and a Transcript

The Weekly Google update!

Via /. we have a of their local-search service available from devices equipped with XHTML-enabled browsers.

Also, launches Video Upload Program. Commentary at .

and a transcript of the whole "EPIC" thing over at Robin Good, as I first mentioned Last November in :

all under (what else!)

2005 Hugo Nominees Online (free reading)

SFSignal links to online Versions of 2005 Hugo Nominees. (as noted in my links). Much good reading.

The Hugos are awarded by the World Science Fiction Society for excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy. They are named in honor of Hugo Gernsback, who founding the first american science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories, in 1926.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Doug Wright Awards for Canadian cartooning at The Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Via CBC Arts, a new award celebrating Canadian cartoonists and named after prolific artist Douglas Austin Wright.

Winners for the 2005 Doug Wright Awards for Canadian cartooning (The Dougies?) will be announced at an awards ceremony held during this year's Toronto Comic Arts Festival (May 27-29). The Nominates are:
For Best Book:

  • Marc Bell, Worn Tuff Elbow #1 (Fantagraphics Books)
  • Geneviève Castrée, Pamplemoussi (L'Oie de Cravan)
  • David Collier, The Frank Ritza Papers (Drawn and Quarterly)
  • Darwyn Cooke, The New Frontier, Vol. 1 (DC)
  • Seth, Clyde Fans: Book One (Drawn and Quarterly)
Best emerging talent are:
  • Rebecca Dart, Rabbithead (Alternative Press)
  • Max Douglas (Salgood Sam), RevolveR: One (Spilt Ink)
  • Alex Fellows, Canvas (Fantagraphics Books)
  • Bryan Lee O'Malley, Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 1 (Oni Press)

update May 29th: and the 2005 Winners were :
Emerging Talent Award: Bryan Lee O'Malley
& Best Book: Clyde Fans Book I by Seth!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Blogging for bucks

the GOOGLEST has a List of Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords. Now to figure out how to weave them in to postings, once I figure out what ""mesothelioma prognosis" means and why "dc hair laser removal washington" would appear in a single sentence or paragraph

More Del.icio.us Funding details

Via The del.icio.us discussion group, Joshua Schachter (Uber coder and creator of http://del.icio.us/ has revealed a few more details on his earlier announcement to work on Del.icio.us fulltime.

Joshua maintains majority control, and the investment group is lead by Union Square Ventures (co founded by VC blogger Fred Wilson), and includes many notables: Amazon.com, Marc Andreessen (Netscape Boy, and now OpsWARE), BV Capital, Esther Dyson (blog:Release 4.0), Seth Goldstein (blog:Transparent Bundles ), Josh Koppelman (founder of Half.com, which was acquired by eBay) , Howard Morgan (Director at Idea Lab), Tim O'Reilly (Tim O'Reilly is founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media), and Bob Young (Red Hat founder). All very internet aware folk!

Joshua is looking to improving reliability and responsiveness, and then on with the new features!

Union Square Ventures was founded in October 2003 and in February (2005) concluded their final close. It's focused at the intersection of technology, media, and disruptive internet models. They have made several interesting investments.

April 17th update:Fred Wilson posts some comments on his firms investment.

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Robotic Trauma Pod's & Larry Niven's AutoDocs

(Via MercuryNews), The US military is researching on a mobile "trauma pod'' in which injured soldiers are operated on by robotic arms under the control of surgeons who are far from the battlefield, although the we talking at least 10 or 15 years.

I'm aware of work done on "telesurgery" over the past years, and this seems to be aimed at making "telesurgery" more mobile, with even less (or no) human assistance. And, of course, it will eventual tickle down to civilian use.

This all brings to mind Larry Niven's "AutoDocs" featured in many Known Space stories, of which the novel "RingWorld" is best known. Once again bringing SciFi to Life...

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Alchemy Baking Company now in Kensington Market

Alchemy Baking does things with bread you didn't know could be done! And once you try, you'll be hooked on their taste and quality.

Previously located on Bathurst Street, between Bloor Street and Dupont Street, they have just moved to a new shiny location in Toronto's Kensington Market: 287 Augusta Ave, on the north east corner of Augustra and Oxford (Here's the Gmap) (telephone 416.531.2471).

So what so different? Breads with lavender, Afghani with Nigella, Artisanal loaves, including sweet Persian with mahleb. Focaccia with Potato and Herb, or Cranberry and Raisin, or Blueberry and Raisin, or Kalamata Olive. And Shortbreads to melt in your mouth: Lemon Anis, Rosemary Lemon and Cracked Pepper, Cinnamon Almond, Persian with Malheb, Almond, Amla fruit, Four Berry, Oatmeal Raisin, Masala, Peppermint Poppy, and Orange Cardamon. Plus 7" Cakes. (I'm getting hungry again just writing about this, excesme while a go steal a "small" piece of fresh bread.....Ok

Brian Kirk, owner and artisan bread maker, tells me the greatest selection is available on Saturday's (but any day is a good day for fresh bread). There is also a bunch of table and chairs to enjoy some of their cookies or other pastries, coffee, teas or other non alcoholic drinks while making your bread decision.


Saturday, April 09, 2005

The 24th Hong Kong Film Awards and Omini TV

Omini TV decided to move their schedule around and in inserted the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards from March 27th, 2005 (in Hong Kong). I guess they didn't think they could get it? or that no one known's what "schedule in advance" means? Silly Rabbits. Anyway....

Kung Fu Hustle (which had it's World premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and comes out in Northern America later this month), and 2046 won big time, for good reasons, although the other nominations are very worth checking into.

Best Picture - Kung Fu Hustle,
Best Director - YEE Tung-Shing (One Nite in Mongkok),
Best Actor - LEUNG Chiu-Wai (2046),
Best Actress - ZHANG Ziyi (2046),
Best Supporting Actor - Yuen WAH (Kung Fu Hustle),
Best Supporting Actress - BAI Ling (Dumpling - Three Extreme),
Best Screenplay - YEE Tung-Shing (One Nite in Mongkok),
Best Cinematography - Christopher DOYLE, LAI Yiu-Fai, KWAN Pun-Leung (2046),
Best Art Direction - CHANG Suk-Ping, YAU Wai-Ming (2046),
Best Costume and Make-Up Design - CHANG Suk-Ping (2046),
Best Visual Effect - JUNG Ji-Hang, MA Wing-On, TAM Gwan-Hung, HUNG Yuk-Leung (Kung Fu Hustle),
Best Sound Design - Steven TICKNOR, Steve BURGESS, Rob MACKENZIE, Paul PIROLA (Kung Fu Hustle),
Best Editing - Angie LAM (Kung Fu Hustle),
Best Original Score (Music) - Peer RABEN, Shigeru UMEBAYASHI (2046),
Best Original Score (Song) - "Gem-Gem-Gem (?)", composed by The Pancakes, lyric by Brian TSE and The Pancakes, sung by The Pancakes (McDull Prince de la Bun)
Best Action Choreography - YUEN Wo-Ping (Kung Fu Hustle),
Best New Performer - TIN Yun (Butterfly),
Best Directorial Debut - WONG Ching-Po (Jiang Hu),
Best Asian Film - Oldboy (South Korea),
Star of the Century - Bruce LEE,
Professional Spirit Award - Jackie CHAN (actor, director, action director, producer), YU Mo-Wan (Hong Kong film historian)

MonkeyPeaches has all the details and winners, plus many many photo's

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ReMixing Craigslist with Google Maps

Via Boing Boing a absolutely brilliant remixing of Craigslist's for-rent ads data scraped and redisplayed with Google Maps covering houses/apartments for rent/sale within the U.S. only (unfortunately), at HousingMaps. The High quality Data re-presented with the High quality interface of Google Maps. Very very Sharp. (here's a sample shot, do a view image to see a few more details)

It also leads to the question: What other data can be re-mixed with Google Maps? There is - of course - the other info, and locations, on craigslist. Any other data sources?

April 16th update: Via my My Technorati Cosmos Profile a stumbled apoun Chris Galfi's blog and his post on Hijacking Google Maps, which lead to Google Maps Standalone Mode. Also HOW-TO: Make your own annotated multimedia Google map on engadget. Yet more re-mixing.

April 18th Update: adrian holovaty has done a very interesting hack with to remix some Chicago Transit Authority map data onto Google Maps. Mix, Mash, Mingle....

May 17th: Now with Montreal, Toronto, and Providence on the Map and more sub-categories.

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Takashi Murakami and Superflat

In last Sunday's NYT Magazine there was a profile of Murakami : The Murakami Method and (Via Boing Boing) in Thursdays New York Times there is: The Murakami Influence

On Friday, the exhibit Little Boy: The Arts of Japan's Exploding Subculture will open at New York's Japan Society Gallery. Curated by superflat sensation Takashi Murakami and named after the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, the exhibit explores the relationship between otaku and contemporary art. Along with exhibiting work in the gallery, the artists from Murakami's studio have installed public artworks throughout the city.

Murakami is a modern (or post modern? - pomo) Pop Artist (like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein). Two important sub-cultures in this context is the male-oriented otaku culture, and that the female domain of kawaii. (although they are not exclusive)

Otaku (o-tah-ku): in Japan a derogatory term for a "stay-at-home person"; such as someone who has an obsession with anime, manga, video games, etc. English usage of "otaku" varies, but is mostly commonly used simply to mean a serious anime/manga fan.

Kawaii (kah-wah-ee): Cute. Often used on its own when observing a situation or character having any distinct level of cuteness. (think "Hello Kitty") A less common, secondary meaning is "cherished, beloved."

Update : March 8th See Bunny for a visual aid on the dangers of combining Otaku and Kawaii, or watch Sailor Moon!

Update April 30 th: More

May 28th Update: Jason Kottke review's Little Boy: The Arts of Japan's Exploding Subculture


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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2005 May 27-29

(TCAF) will be held May 27-29 2005 in Downtown Toronto's Historic Mirvish Village District (on Markham Street, one block west of the Bloor Street and Bathurst Street TTC subway exit), with a huge number of comics-related events including readings, presentations, publisher and artist sales-areas, gallery shows, academic paper presentation and more all under the auspices of The Festival!

Lots of Visual goodness. Here's a sample taste : Comics Festival! Art By Darwyn Cooke, with a TTC Red Rocket street car. Does anyone recognize the street corner? Is it real or imagined?

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Bronislawa "Barbara" Kopaniak, Resistance Fighter: 1919-2005

Bronislawa Kopaniak was born in Czeladz, Poland, on Sept. 3, 1919. She died in Toronto on Jan. 6, 2005. She was 85. Her husband predeceased her. She leaves her daughter, Marguerite, and grand-daughter Jacqueline.

ET and I know Mrs. Kopaniak’s daughter, Marguerite, and had heard about Mother. Last year we had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Kopaniak and were impressed by the Style, warmth and intelligence. We were very saddened to hear from Marguerite when she passed away in the beginning of January, especially given how attached she was to the Mom. Today I had I discovered this obituary in the Globe and Mail. The Toronto Star also carried her obituary on March 1st.

Born Bronislawa Krol to parents who had been involved in earlier efforts to liberate Poland when it had been divided among Russia, Austria and Germany, she was the youngest of four children. Her father, the owner of a copper mine who was considered a Polish patriot, died when she was 12, and she lived with her mother in their hometown of Czeladz in southwestern Poland.

On Sept. 3, 1939, the day She turned 20, Britain and France declared war against Germany for invading Poland two days earlier.

By October of 1939, Poland's western region had been annexed by Germany, and the eastern part under Soviet control. Poland had ceased to exist.

Dropping her university studies in economics, Bronislawa helped many others affected by the war, using her intelligence, beauty and courage to work with the Polish resistance. In January of 1940, she joined the resistance group Organizacja Bialego Orla, or White Eagle, adopting the code name Baska.

Initially she helped surviving Polish army officers eager to carry on the fight from abroad get access to exit documents, and warned people being rounded up, arrested and removed from their homes by the Nazi occupiers, supplying them with food coupons and arranging false documents for their escape.

With the sound of the Gestapo pounding on the door of her mother's first-floor apartment, one night during the summer of 1941,Mrs. Kopaniak escaped through a window, destroyed her papers and, for the next few months, traveled from town to town until she was smuggled across a checkpoint (in the engine of a train!) into Warsaw. To regain identity papers, Mrs. Kopaniak claimed to have come from a town she knew had been destroyed. She took as her surname that of a Polish hero, Lewandowicz, and, for a first name, Barbara, a name she would use for the rest of her life

In Warsaw, she continued her resistance work and helped Jews leave the Warsaw ghetto. Her trick, said her daughter, was to walk into the ghetto and then boldly escort people out to the safety of a distant forest, praying all the while they would not be challenged. By the time the war ended, Mrs. Kopaniak had become seriously ill with tuberculosis.

With Poland was under Communist rule, and because of her wealthy background and her refusal to join the Communist Party, bureaucrats made her life difficult, all though acknowledged by people for her heroism.

She met Jozef Kopaniak, a mathematician and economist who had also been in the resistance, in the late 1940 while working at an administrative job in industry. They married in 1950, and in the late 1950s the couple moved to Warsaw, where Mr. Kopaniak headed Poland's first computer-research institute. In 1968, things took a turn for the worse after student riots erupted the government tried to recruit workers into a new militia. Mr. Kopaniak appealed to employees at his institute not to join up. He resigned, only to be blacklisted, have their mail was being opened and their telephone bugged. Around that time, Mr. Kopaniak was run down in the street by a car.

With Poland was no longer safe for the Kopaniaks they left, arriving in Canada 18 months later, with her young daughter and with a husband who was still recuperating.

Of Mrs. Kopaniak's bravery and love of Poland, and Love of Family, there can be no doubt. Rest in Peace, and with our Thanks.

G&M (PDF 75 Kb), TS.pdf (PDF 66Kb). For more back ground on the History of , I suggest : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Poland

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Art of the Startup: Copper and Tin

has YASA (Yet Another Startup Article) this own titled :Copper and Tin. I don't mind because they are short easy reads with some good ideas, wheather or not I agree. Some key quotes:

It's hard enough to make money that you can't do it by accident. Unless it's your first priority, it's unlikely to happen at all.
They're good at solving problems, but bad choosing them.
The hard part about figuring out what customers want is figuring out that you need to figure it out.
That's the essence of a startup: having brilliant people do work that's beneath them.
Make something people want.


Why do Pendulums speed up during solar eclipses?

The Economist.com on Gravitational anomalies, the “Allais effect, and the Pioneer (10 and 11) space-probes. Could Albert be wrong? If nothing else this is how science advances.


The Customer is King

The has a special survey on Consumer Power:"Crowned at last" The claim that ?the customer is king? has always rung hollow. But now the digital marketplace has made it come true.

The ability to get information about whatever you want, whenever you want, has given shoppers unprecedented strength. In markets with highly transparent prices, they are kings. The implications for business are enormous: threatening for some, welcome for others. For instance, the huge increase in choice makes certain brands more valuable, not less. And as old business divisions crumble, a strong brand in one sector can provide the credibility to enter another.

Only the front page is free/open, but the rest is very interesting, but not new to us at with our philosophy.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Happy Birthday FalsePositives

Three Year's, and still having fun...

Charles Stross Attains Posthuman Status

As annouced on Locus Online,

At exactly 1:07 PM GMT on March 31, 2005, noted science fiction author Charles Stross ceased his existence as a baseline human being and entered an unknowable posthuman condition.

The precipitating event, as far as experts can determine, was Stross's acquisition of a new Sony PSP game machine.
Stross's transformation is the first documented case of Singularity breach, but rumors persist that Australian writer Greg Egan made the emergent leap long ago.
Stross is survived by his beloved widow, and by approximately ten thousand partial personalities seeded throughout the internet.

I wonder if this will affect his nominations? More under /

Update: Charlie himself(s) reports finding posthuman life rather cramped inside this Palm Pilot, and I urgently need more storage. Anyone got a spare 1Gb SD memory card?