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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Found Words: Me2Me

Me2Me : a variation on P2P (Person to Person) file sharing. Me2Me (Me-to-Me) is sharing Media and Data on different devices for use by me. Example : Listening to a CD track on my stereo, then converting it to MP3 to listen on my Computer, then Listening to the same on my portable digital music player (MP3 player / iPod ). Or Taping a TV Show then transferring to watch on my Computer, or watching it on a mobile Video player (Sony PSP). Spotted on CopyFight's Slings and Arrows of Outraged Hollywood, and on Wired Mag's July 2005 Issue Jargon Watch

Sharing media files - movies, TV shows, music - among one's own playback devices. Copyright holders have attempted to label the practice as piracy.
As soon as I heard Me2Me it clicked. This is what was about. The entertainment cartels have been insisting that we pay for music / movies / etc for each device. Their DRM (digital Rights Management) protocols are designed to enforce this, even though Me2Me is clearly a fair or non-infringing use.

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