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Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Truth about Copyright Revision in Canada

The fine folks a Digital CopyRight Canada have produced "The Truth about Copyright Revision" (pdf,English and French versions) explaining in plain language the cost the proposed change would have :

The truth is that these proposed changes would drain millions of dollars from Canada’s provincial education systems, threaten national security research and personal privacy, harm Canadian culture by enlarging the billion dollar Canadian culture deficit, and put Canadian business at a competitive disadvantage. The committee spent little time debating the issues, and ignored concerns voiced by public interest advocates. Facing growing pressure from predominantly U.S. interests, Parliament is moving rapidly to embrace dangerous new rules.
and alternate principles:
Do No Harm – Considered Copyright -Canadian Laws Must Serve Canadians
and what we can do next (time for some more emailing/letter writting)

More: Ottawa's copyright plans wrongheaded, experts say, and Save Canada's Internet from WIPO, or Law

Update: Over on Boing Boing, Cory has posted "Canada's DMCA: why is it a bad idea?"

Just so you don't think only our Gov has it Head up it A$$ : Copyright treaty laid bare: watch your governments make sausage!

Please Note that this Blog (False Positives) has moved to http://www.falsepositives.com/


  • The proposed reforms are a terrible idea--it's vital that people are fully informed about this issue. Thanks for providing this information.

    By Richard Anthony Hein, at 4:39 PM  

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