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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Sushi Insanity

The Globe and Mail has a few inches devoted it the Sushi Ban in it's "Intelligence" column (registration required (try www.bugmenot.com) )which mentions Malcolm Jolley's http://www.gremolata.com were he is gathering a names and massges for a "massive electronic petition to be submitted to the provincial government."

"I love all good food and what really insults me is that we're being denied access to the very best for silly reasons," he says. "At the end of the day we'll all be eating at McDonald's and having Kraft Dinner because it's safe. How far do we want to take this?"

In just a few days, his site has been flooded with dozens of posts by Ontarians outraged that the government is sticking its dirty hands into their sushi platters. The petition now has more than 200 signatures, and Mr. Jolley says he hopes to reach thousands before sending it next weekend to Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman, an admitted sushi fan himself who nonetheless has defended the deep freeze.

Toronto has some of the finest restaurants in the world, Mr. Jolley says, and the fresh-fish ban is embarrassing for the city.
see more at "The Battle for Toro" One and Two; and The End of Sushi or Sayonara Sashimi

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