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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The Dual Core Wars: AMD vs Intel

As a followup on the upcoming Multi core uber-chip's, The Inquirer comments on the dueling plans in the X86 world, how ADM planed ahead with it's K8 core 2 years ago, and Intel's late response with it Paxville desgin being simply two Pentium 4 cores bolted on to a chip.

To give a idea why multi core chips are important notice this comment :

A dual chip Paxville system should be about the same in all respects as a four way Xeon system, and a four way Paxville should be about where an 8 way Xeon is.

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  • Paxville is basically two Pentium 4 cores bolted on to one chip. Because of lower bus speeds, higher bus contention, etc., Paxville won't have the speed increases that AMD will see with their dual core design. Since both Paxville and existing dual chip systems have a shared bus, Paxville won't perform worse than a dual chip system.

    That was Demerjian's point in your quote, that Paxville's performance should be no better or worse than that of a dual chip system. So a dual Paxville system, with its four cores, should perform the same as a four way Xeon system, and a four way Paxville, with its eight cores, should perform the same as an eight way Xeon system.


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