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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Here's one to wrap my head around, or smash....

On IBM's developer Works.
Open Standards, Open Source, and Domino 6: Using Domino 6 Open Source projects:

"use Domino 6 Open Source features to dynamically convert Domino documents into PDF and JPEG format. We also show how to create a graphic server connection diagram, as well as an RSS generator that lets you use a Personal Journal for blogging.".

Actually none of this is THAT complicated, per see, it mostly a matter of building the XML Document and transforming it to PDF/JPEG/SVG or RSS. But it does document one way to do all of this, as a practical example. It's more of a issue of how hard it is and how much can you get away with NOT re-inventing to make it work with Domino. And in that regard it is ALOT easier in Domino/Lotus Notes 6+. Again it could be done in Domino 5 but would require a LOT more work to integrate existing code (JARs) or re inventing them to work with Domino 5.

Please Note that this Blog (False Positives) has moved to http://www.falsepositives.com/