Vesuvio pizza’s penultimate lineup

The Junctions Vesuvio Pizzeria and and Spaghetti House is closing tomorrow after 63 years, as reported in BlogTo, CBC and elsewhere. When new got out 3+ hour lineups ensued

down the street and around the block

When the Pugliese family founded Vesuvio in 1957, it was first introduced to New York style pizza to Toronto, and was a Junction neighbourhood landmark. They were also prominent in overturning the prohibition of alcohol in effect from 1904 until 1998.

COVID19 is not really the cause of closing but rather the last straw, with the last surviving Pugliese brother, Ettore, being 81, and little interest in family member of caring on, although their daughter Paola has been managing the restaurant. But don’t worry, the own the building.

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