This is Also 50 : Cyberculture

cyberculture, n.
Meaning: The social conditions brought about by widespread automation and computerization; (in later use also) the culture surrounding computers and (esp.) the Internet.

Via I09 What word originated in the year of your birth? and the Oxford English Dictionary which has a fun little web toy that lets you see a word that was first used during the year of your birth: OED birthday word generator: which words originated in your birth year?

According to the OED its first-known usage is :

1963 A. M. Hilton Logic, Computing Machines, & Automation p. xvi, In the era of cyberculture, all the plows pull themselves and the fried chickens fly right onto our plates.

Author : Alice Hilton

Kewl! This explains so much (I shall now go to work on that flying Fried chicken app right now.)

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