Found Words: Sardinistas

via todays Globe and Mail (hard copy, no link found – wtf?) style section:

the name adopted by a group of environmentalists and fisherman dedicated to revitalization the California sardine fishery by promoting the species as a healthy and sustainable seafood. It mow maybe used to describe the tiny fish as not only an ethical choice but a gourmet delight.

(not to be confused with Sandinistas 🙂

see Society for the Appreciation of the Lowly Tinned Sardine, From August 2009 we have the Washington Post Come On, Sardines,plus A New School of Thought About Sardines, and the Slow Cook: We Are Sardinistas.

And recently David Suzuki (Oct 2010) wrote Tiny sardines offer great guilt-free value

for the record I had a tin Sardine sandwich yesterday, and we ate grilled sardines in Kensington Market last Sunday. Yummy!

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