Changes in the Junction : Jocelyn’s Place, a Stop Light & Buddha Pie

This fall has seen a few changes in Toronto’s west end Junction neighborhood (of New York Times fame):

Bronto Burger is now Jocelyn’s Place (2982 Dundas St. West, just west of Pacific Ave.), with a new owner but same menu/price and deco (at least for now). The food and service continue to be as good.
Jocelyn's  Place

The High Park Avenue and Dundas Street West intersection now has a stop light, breaking up the block and routing around the traffic from the no frill on Pacific.

The junctioneer has details on Ribbon-cutting ceremony, Dundas High Park Ave traffic lights.

And Lou’s Coffee Bar has been transformed (reincarnated?) into Buddha Pie (514 Annette just East of Runnymede Road), serving up gluten free thin crust pizza and sandwich’s with the best ingredients, plus great coffee!
Buddha Pie

It’s great to to see Lou is back after a loong renovation. And the pizza is buzz worthy too!
A Slice of nirvana?

that’s the “Presto Pesto Pizza” with pesto sause, red onions, green peppers, sun dried tomatoes and (real) Bufalo Mozzarella (you could have Goat Cheese) (and you can add fresh garlic and/or chicken).


Update : Buddha Pie has a web site at, is Twittering @eatBuddhaPie and has a FaceBook page. BlogTo has a in depth review (they like!)

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  1. Amazing pizza, and lovely people. Most four-cheese pizzas use a quarter as much of each cheese. Not these folks – WOW. And the pepperoni is bene, primo. Now if the police would act like grown-ups and allow people to actually stop (not park) their cars in front of the shop to pick up their take-out, they’d have a good shot at success…

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