Stopping Copy and Paste, in Lotus Notes, selectivity in Views

Previously, I showed how to globally using formula language, at the database event level. I also mentioned how to allow some documents to be pasted in. (in the Notes Client)

What if you wish to just shut down copy and paste in a few views but not all? Maybe the views that some end users have ACL access to create documents, but you what other users to be able to create documents with copy and paste? (yech, but anyway)

in those views you wish to shut down, modify the Querypaste event :

Sub Querypaste(Source As Notesuiview, Continue As Variant)
    Messagebox "Copy and Paste is not allowed in this view.", 0+16, "Lotus Notes: "+ Source.View.Parent.Title
    Continue = False
End Sub

This will fire before the Global database (agent) event, which will not fire off.

side note : I recently modified the copy and paste agent to change if @userName was a member of a Role and if so the @return(“”) (i.e. stop the agent). This allowed me as [dbadmin] to do copy and paste, just not anyone else!

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