Celebrating Lunar New Year and Long Life with Tam Kwai Lan

This weekend was the start of Chinese year 4707, which is  Year of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac.

Hello Ox, Goodbye Rat!

As always we celebrated the Lunar New Year with 2 dinners, one on the evening and one on the new years day (plus a Saturday dim sum!), with as many family members in attendance as possible.

Celebrating Lunar New Year and Long Life
Tam Kwai Lan

The head of my wife’s family is her mother, Tam Kwai Lan, who is still going strong at 92 and a very hard life, and recently told some the story of some of that life to her granddaughter, Carolyn Ji Jong Goossen, a writer with New America Media, in the article : Celebrating Lunar New Year and Long Life.

So on the New Years Eve, she was surrounded by her child, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Sui sum, 慢慢行, Mrs Tam, and Gung Hei Fat Choy.

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