Breakfast with Scot , “out” in the theatres Nov 16 2007

breakfast_with_scot.jpgIf you see one “hockey-kids-xmas-comedy-drama about a queer couple who gain custody of an 11 year old boy” this is the movie!! (imdb listing)

You may have already heard about it, based on the book of the same title, from the or the coverage it has received for having the . ( see also this from the New York Times)

It stars (Ottawa, Canada born) ( best know from the show “Ed”), (Cavanaugh’s co-star on the show Love Monkey) and , (Falcon Beach), (numerous) and (numerous).

has a trailer up on YouTube, and here are the reviews (from the Film Fest) from Xtra (who also has a YouTube video from TIFF with interviews), Tribute. I’ll add more when the msm newspapers publish reviews.

Update: The Globe and Mail has Stick-handling a touchy subject, and it’s review is Movie scores with goalies and glitter (3 out of 4 stars) ; Toronto Star: ‘Breakfast With Scot’: Playing for the other team;

Update : Randy McDonald links in from his wide ranging and well named blog : A Bit More Detail.

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