Roundup of Linkage for September

  • Appfuel Joins The Facebook Ad Party – THe latest Facebook-specific ad networks is Appfuel, a San Francisco-based start-up that has developed a way to target ads inside Facebook apps using keywords.
  • When wikis won’t work: 5 questions to ask. – All discussions around wikis, however, seem to overlook one crucial and obvious fact. Wikis often not the best technology to accomplish a goal. It’s Not the Technology, its the CULTURE.
  • Multicore Musings – the effects of Moore’s Law have changed: while the doubling of transistors per chip continues, the by-product is no longer faster processor speeds but more cores per chips instead. Now Software has to double the amount of parallelism that it can support every 18 months!
  • Tim Bray is learning and experimenting with Erlang. “In an ideal many-core world, process creation should be as close to free as achievable.” Oh, to be able to play!
  • Randy (A Bit More Detail) McDonald comments on what is planned in rfmcdpei: Changes at Yonge and Bloor – Big Investment and Upgrade for Young & Bloor. Losing Roy’s Square and its shops is a loss.
  • Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries (Curious Expeditions) – Library book/architecture Porn? I lust.
  • Sam Ruby: Open Source Lessons – ten principles gleaned from open source experience, which can be applied to just about any business: “# Adoption precedes monetization # Lots of customers is a greater barrier to entry than lots of intellectual property # A business’ brand is its greatest asset in driving sales # Lower barriers to evaluating and using your product # Sell customer value, not vendor value # Most businesses aren’t widgets businesses # Product use should breed re-use and further sharing # A collective product best serves a collective market # Invest in service and your product, not sales # Transparency breeds trust, and trust breeds revenue # People make a business” .  Lot’s  of good stuff in there
  • Write a perfect email / Wired How To’s – an email is not a letter, and you’re not typing at a Selectric II typewriter. If your purpose is to solicit information or action from another person via email, you must make that clear to them at the earliest possible point in the message.
  • I Am Making a Difference ( – “That barbecue sizzle? Locally raised (ten miles from home), humanely slaughtered heirloom pandas.” (humour)
  • My TV Beats Your TV, (okay maybe not) >> LED Ceilings – New Beijing Mall Feature – a shopping mall in Beijing has a ceiling mounted LCD screen 250 by 30 meters (7,500 square meters) 80 feet above the ground, at a cost $32 million. YouTube video link provided.

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