Runnymede and Bloor gets a facelift.

The hoarding is down at the once and future TD Canada Trust (2220 Bloor Street West), replacing a one story modernist (late 60’s or early 70’s?) bank building.
Runnymede & Bloor (2220 Bloor Street West)

It’s a bit out of step with the neighbourhood being 2 tone stone and glass -the previous one was just as out of step as well, all steel and glass -and being 3 stories tall where almost everything else is 2. The intensification is inevitable in such a desirable area, and no doubt it provides more space for “banking services”.
Runnymede & Bloor (2220 Bloor Street West)

Not completely bland is the best you can hope for. Like any facelift, you just hope it ages well.

Update : now with embeded Google Maps because, well because I can (now)

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Update October 16th 2007 : the TD branch is now (re)open.

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