Meshing in Toronto : Mesh 07 More info

There is now a YouTube Mesh group as well a as well as a Flickr Pool.

Amazingly detailed notes (almost transcripts) by Dr. Tony Hung. aka Mr. Deep Jive, under . I was shoulder surfing him as he typed and i was amazing! I will be reading his posts for the panels I missed but he didn’t.

Loren Feldman, 1938media has a slew of short web interview videos under mesh

More Mesh 07 Blogging on Google Blog Search and technorati , and Delicious bookmarks at and , plus the offical mesh conference blog.

Rob Hyndman links to Much More mesh Videos including the Keynotes (The Web and Society (Rob Hyndman with Austin Hill and Tom Williams); The Web and Media (Mathew Ingram with Mike Arrington); The Web and Business (Mark Evans with Jim Buckmaster); The Web and Public Relations (Stuart MacDonald with Richard Edelman)) and the “15 Minutes of Fame” sessions (Octopz;;;;;

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