Falcon Beach, the Second Season : Courtney True drops in.

CanWest Global’s Falcon Beach (think of it as the new “The OC” now that its been cancelled, with its last episode — the 16th of Season 4 — airing this February 22.) starts it’s second season on Friday January 5th 2007, with 13 new episodes.

Falcon Beach got mentioned in last Saturday’s Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Macleans. and another in the Star.

ABC Family channel is about to start showing the first season, and will be showing the second season later this year, which has also been sold in 30 countries around the world – including the U.K. (where it is to air on the national broadcaster BBC 1), France, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey, Israel , India, and Vietnam. In the Canada version it all takes place at Winnipeg Beach (in Manitoba, on Lake Winnipeg, adjacent to Gimli), in the US version it’s a New Hampshire beach town( the sleepy New England town of Falcon Beach), and Boston instead of Winnipeg.

Starting in the 2nd episode there is a new character: Courtney True, acted by Toronto’s Jeananne Goossen. She has also appeared as Lise Lambeau in Rent-a Goalie, as well as a minor character in CBC’s 11 Cameras. (and more on IMDB.)

Be sure to watch Jeananne’s video clip under Behind the Scenes.

Please note the spelling of my niece’s name: its Jeananne Goossen, not “Gossen”, not “Goosen”, and never, ever, “Jean Anne”. Or else.

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