Startup Camp coming to Toronto

Wonderful news: (Via ) that people are looking at bring a , The Unconference for the Startup Community, to Toronto (in the winter/spring 2007), inspired by the first Startup Camp recently held in California land.

Many details still to be decided (okay almost all the details are TBD: like the the When , Where and What), but go to the wiki and contribute your thoughts & dreams; Volunteer your self, equipment, and company; Register your attendance and interest.

Tim Bray gave this post on the CA Startup Camp & Startup Essentials (maybe we should draft him?) Other Startup Camp postings @ Full Metal Blog day’s 1 & 2. (and as always more via technorati under and/or , and images on flickr for the Nov 2006 Startup Camp)

Related Update : If you are interested in Startup Camp you would probably be interest in (Canada’s Web Conference, returning May 30 & 31), and Mathew Ingram has a post reminding me about the mesh 2007 meetup on November 15. Follpwup : about 100 people showed up. talked to old friends (Sacha, Brent the swagman, and Leila Boujnane of ) and made some new people (Connie, and Jeremy Wright, amongst others). Other debriefs inculding in the Can, off the hook, roundup, meetup & Rocked the house. Interesing conversations and good time.

and next Monday is

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  2. Hey – thanks for the link & sorry we missed each other! Perhaps we’ll meet at the next Mesh event ? Sounds like the 15th went so well that there are thoughts about having another get-together between now and May…

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