Adding Tags to your Blog posts, The Magic rel=”tag”

For those who don’t have a blogging tool that auto-magically adds tag’s the process can seem a bit bewildering, especially when there is so much to do.

We have come a long way since , and since the Beta of looks to include tagging (making my Technorati and Tags added with GreaseMonkey for users obsolete) it is worth a review.

The trick was a convention to add a attribute to the “common” hyperlink markup code too something like

<a href="" rel="tag">tech</a>

. More details are on the MicroFormat Wiki under , because the secret sauce is that rel=”tag”.

Remember that the url does not really matter! It could be , or or , or even something internal to this site like .

The rel=”tag” is the microformat that tells any tag aware search engine that text in the anchour link is the tag lable. All tag aware search engines will eat the tagged links regardless of where its linking to. (see also Technorati’s help page on Tags)

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