Toronto Demo Camp Eat 8

Toronto’s Number 8 was held at Liberty Village Pub “No Reqrets”, like last month. This makes the fourth for me. I’m still learning from the Demo’s and the socializing, plus it’s great to see the activity that is happening here, rather than reading about things happening elsewhere. (sillycon valley gets enough press)

We started on time, with a good crowd for the summer, and the first 3 demo’s were (pure chance) Microsoft .Net based products / services / websites. (rather than the more “typical” RoR, php or java).

WildApricot is a is well written web application ,with lots of attention to usability, that looks to automates daily administrative routines for associations and non-profits (professional associations; trade associations; charities; social welfare organizations; health issues organizations; sports and cultural associations; clubs; chambers of commerce; faith-based organizations; alumni organizations).

The only thing I would change it the Name to something both more descriptive and more professional. “Association Pilot”, “Member Tree” or “Pilotr” (very web 2.0’iee). Feel free to free associate on names. I’m sure the current name has it history, but it will be easier to market if it at least rhymes with its purpose. ( Think Vitamin has a Trademark tips for your web app). (Updated : See the 2nd comment with some valid answers to the “why Wild Apricot” question.)

Anyhow, it is a great application with great potential. BonaSource knows their stuff.

is a job board aimed at the retail, food services and hospitality industry. This is a working website, with tons of Web 2.0 stuff (feeds, google maps and more. (what no blog?. They heard me(?) -scary- and we how have a JobLoft Blog. ), with real corporate customers. The kicker is it was built part time in the 9 months prior to its spring 92206) launch. The group behind this should be proud of producing something so very impressive.

Filemobile is a media (pictures and video) manager bridging the gap between devices and the web. Lots of impressive potential but the presenter did not manger to convey a sense of excitement (perhaps because of the seating arrangement?). Pity. AmbientVector has nothing to worry, although I’m sure they could learn some things.

Languify look to help managing language resource files that power Localization () multi language web sites. It’s the result of the work and learning of the people behind the Nuvvo learning web site. Still raw but a good start to solving a real world problem. Question : Would I be able to give (assign) edit rights to just one or more language files to another login? That would help in working with out side translators.

And Mike McDerment of fame talked about “converting” visitors into paying customers while Bending the spirit of the “no slides” rule. He made some interesting, and new to me, points. All of which will require further thought and then figuring out out to put and place (track and analysis in this case). Wish there was time for him to show the how (a future demo of what HE uses!), although I’m sold on the “WHY”.

Update : Aug 2 How to measure the success of your web app by Mike, is up on the Think Vitamin website, and covers the same territory Mike talked about but also goes a little more in to the “HOW” and what he uses.

We where also visited by G4techTV Canada host . Hopefully we didn’t scare her away. She was chaperoned by “Uncle” , her (podcast) and co-host

I talked to Brent Ashley (Mr “Fluffer”) about his (AJAX and JSON before the fancy names, before xmlhttp, before the start of this century!). Also finally had a change to actual talk to Sacha (now I’m in trouble), Jamie, and briefly with Olivier (where’s that email?), Jay, and Greg, before airlifting my visitor away (Michael enjoyed it and will hopeful be back for more).

You can find more “DemoCamp” tagged commentary via technorati and photo’s via the Flickr’s pool. It’s worth noting that, if you have a feed reader, both Technorati and Flickr provide Feeds.

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  2. First – thank you for your kind words about our product and company!

    About our Wild Apricot name:
    If fact we have very carefully considered descriptive names like MemberThis, AssociationThat – and rejected them. First, there are already way too many companies in our space named like that – we would not stand out. Second, we are targeting small and midsize non-profits so we want to be warm and friendly and not stuffy shirts. I believe it is possible to be professional – but easy-going and friendly at the same time.

    See also our own blog post about the Wild Apricot trademark:

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