/. Section Sub Titles for Nerds

The long running SlashDot.org (first post was in 97, and might have been the first community driven news sites) has long had the site subtitle : “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters”.

Being “Slashdotted” meant being linked too in a story, followed by wave of web page hits, usually followed by the target server crashing under the load. The unintended DOS attack was a right of passage, particularly in the first Dot-Com boom.

This year /. (short hand for SlashDot) redesigned using CSS and moving away from a table heavy design. Browsing the major sub sections, I noticed that some of them have their own sub titles :

Hardware : The Nuts and Volts of News for Nerds
IT : It is what IT is
Linux : Don’t Fear the Penguins
Politics : Politics for Nerds. Your Votes Matters

See any others? I’ll update as needed. Slash On.

( Alastair Reynolds most excellent “Century Rain” novel has a factions called Threshers and Slashers. Threshers live on the Threshold and Slashers are ultra – bleeding edge – high tech . The other SlashDot culture reference is Charles Stross and his Lobsters chapter.)

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