Tag Team Wrestling, New Media Style

Once can be an interesting accident, twice is a trend so my ears rose when , first, The Economist has a special survey out on the New Media : Among the audience, in the stores now(! run, the free online is limited, althought it also has some web only extras). I’ve almost finished it, and It does a (mostly) great job of explaining Blogs, Wiki’s, PodCasts, the New Media (and now the old media is trying to figure it out) in a way that (I think) those not plugged can start to understand. (If it is possible to understand swiming, when standing on the side of the pool.)

The (second) is this months Wired Mag (may 2006) having “The Wired guide to the Online Video Explosion” (not yet now online). Bunch of stuff that was new to me, and made me want to re check out the stuff I was familar with. Now it add another 6 hours in my 32 hour day.

Mix, Mash, Link, Feed and Cast away!

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