NYT Mag : Broken Social Scene and Toronto’s Alternative Music Scene

Today’s Ney York Times Magazine (feb 26, 2006) has a article Guided by (Many, Many) Voices, looking at Toronto band (It’s more like a network, or, as Emily Haines, a sometime BSS’er and lead singer of the Toronto band Metric, put it, “somewhere between a tribe and a cult.”) and other aspects of Toronto’s extreme independent music scene known to some as “Torontopia”.

It’s definitively worth hearing BSS, and other bands from label, as well as non-label label’s (okay “Co-operative”) Blocks Recording Club, and D.I.Y. Toronto non-label Consumption Records.

I knew of BSS and a few of A&C’s other bands, but there is a bunch of new stuff there (I don’t get out as much), of course, it’s always a thrill to read or see “My Home and Native Town” mentioned my those from some distant land. I usually learn something, if only about the perceptions of others. In this case, I learned more about a music scene I no longer heavily follow (and consume), but still brush up against occasionally, and listen. Now, Excuse me while I spin some bits….

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